Our Training

Our Training in Safety.

At Mountain F. Enterprises, it is important to ensure that all our employees are trained and competent in the various tree climbing techniques that may be required in their job duties. That is why we have established a tree climbing, rigging, and felling training facility specifically for the use of our current and future employees.

 Our facility features a range of features that are associated with training a verity of skills. Our climbing tower sets the foundation of basic climbing techniques for the entry level climber, while our replaceable 15’ 28” DBH rigging and chunking spars provide valuable hands-on experience for the beginner and expert alike. Our quick-change felling stands allow arborists to honing their felling cuts with precision and our basic bucking station provides the saw time needed to develop technique and muscle memory in a controlled environment. To top it off, our experienced instructors oversee and provide tailored training experience based on the individual’s experience and needs.

 The training and development of our employees helps to improve safety in the field. By learning proper tree climbing techniques and understanding how to safely use climbing and rigging equipment, our employees can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries while on the job.

 By investing in the training and development of our employees and emphasizing the importance of safe work practices, we aim to not only ensure the safety of our employees but also improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our tree care operations.

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