Can You Overwater a New Tree In Your Folsom, CA Yard?

The team from Mountain F. Enterprises, your go-to tree service in Folsom, CA, fields many questions daily. One of the most common is, “Can you overwater a new tree?” 

In this post, we explore the answer so that your new tree can have a better start.

Can You Overwater a New Tree? 

Yes, you can overwater a tree. Soil saturation forces gas out of all the underground pockets that the roots use to absorb oxygen, which then smothers them.

Too much water will also increase the chances of rotting if the soil doesn’t dry out. 

Keeping Track

These days, you can use rain sensors with a properly calibrated irrigation system to put this task on autopilot. However, you should also check the soil once in a while to make sure the young tree is getting enough moisture. 

  • Dig a hole about two inches deep.
  • See how moist the soil is. 

If it’s saturated, you’ll need to reduce the amount of water. If it’s dry, increase it slightly.


Mulching new trees brings several benefits, such as:

  • Retains the moisture in the soil
  • Smothers weeds
  • Regulates soil temperatures
  • Protects the topsoil
  • Decomposes into nutrient-rich loam

Can you overwater a new tree if you put down a mulch layer about three inches thick? It’s very unlikely.

Establishing a Good Watering Schedule for New Trees

There’s more to providing enough moisture than simply keeping your plant refreshed. Your sapling needs plenty of water for good root establishment. For the best results, you’ll need to work out how much your tree species needs from the current rainfall patterns. 

Once you understand the perfect watering amount, use a soaker hose to slowly drip this water into the soil. Run the hose in a circular direction from just outside the trunk to the outer edge of the drip line and water the sapling as follows:

  • Daily for two weeks after you plant it.
  • Every second or third day for the next 12 weeks.
  • Once weekly after 12 weeks until the roots are established. (Usually a year.)

Water By Season

In addition to changing your schedule according to the number of days after planting, you need to consider the seasons:

  • Spring: Your tree needs an inch of rain every week. Since this is also the rainiest season in Folsom, you probably won’t need to water.
  • Summer: California’s hot summers make trees thirsty. You’ll need to ensure that they get two inches of water a week in summer, preferably in the early morning.
  • Fall and Winter: If your tree goes dormant for the winter, it won’t need much water, if any at all. If the temperature drops below 40 degrees, don’t water.

Contact Our Team for Help With Watering Your Saplings

Can you overwater a new tree? It’s easier than you think. Why not save yourself time and money by calling Mountain F. Enterprises for a customized watering schedule? 

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