Once you have removed a tree, should you tackle the leftover stump? Absolutely; it’s a safety hazard and could start growing again. Plus, the decomposition could take decades!

A young tree’s stump can be a real headache to remove, but it feels almost impossible if it’s a particularly large or well-established specimen. Below, Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc., Folsom’s reliable tree service, discusses how to remove a large tree stump without putting your back out.

Important Stump Removal Tools

Before you think about how to remove a large tree stump, gather all the necessary tree stump remover products and tools. As a start, professionals would use the following essentials for removing a tree stump:

  • Ax
  • Chainsaw
  • 12-inch bit extension 
  • Corded drill
  • Safety glasses
  • Extension cord
  • Water

Stump removal chemicals may also be necessary.

Step One: Drill Holes Into the Stump

Typically, tree professionals like Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc. will use the chainsaw to shave off as much as they can from the top of the stump. Next, they’ll drill evenly spaced holes around the stump’s perimeter (about 12 inches deep, six to eight inches apart, and three inches back from the stump’s outer edge).

The team will then drill more holes about four inches down from the stump’s rim at an angle of 45 degrees. These holes should connect to the first lot, with the lower intersecting holes somewhat slanted and connecting to the vertical holes at a point just above 12 inches. 

Why do the stump removal experts do it this way?

This setup should effectively prevent the chemicals you’ll pour into the holes from dripping straight out onto the ground. The bottom slanted angles then serve as vents to promote the rotting process. 

Step Two: Add Your Stump Removal Chemicals to the Holes

The next step involves pouring about four ounces of the stump removal chemical granules into the vertical holes. Fill the holes with water for the chemicals to soak in and leave them there for four to six weeks to hasten the stump’s rotting process. 

Has the stump softened? If it feels spongy to the touch, you can break it out with a sharp ax. 

Step Three: Remove the Tree’s Roots

Removing the stump might feel like a grand victory, but there’s one more essential step here: removing the root system. That way, you ensure the stump doesn’t have a chance to sprout back to life. 

Experts typically recommend burning out what’s left after the stump comes out. 

  • Pour kerosene into the holes.
  • Give it a few weeks to penetrate the wood. 
  • Light a match inside the holes to start the burning process. 

It takes several days and leaves a charcoal-filled hole.

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

If you’re still uncertain about how to remove a large tree stump, Mountain F. Enterprises Inc. provides these services and more. Call us for the following:

  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree trimming

Whether you need to remove a stump or want to learn about tree root growth in winter, Mountain F. Enterprises Inc. can help. Call (888) 501-TREE for a free estimate in Folsom, CA!

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