Do Trees Need Fertilizer in Folsom, CA?

You want the trees in your yard to flourish into green, lush, and strong, fully matured plants. While the established trees in nearby forests do not require fertilizer to grow, the same may not be true for trees you plant in your yard. So, do trees need fertilizer to grow?

Below, our team from Mountain Enterprises Inc., a leading tree service in Folsom, CA, discusses everything you need to know about fertilizing the trees in your Folsom yard. 

Understanding the Nutrients Found in the Soil Around Your Folsom House

Forests, dense woodlands, and other natural areas have nutrient-rich soil from all the organic matter that continuously falls from trees, replenishing the earth and feeding the roots of nearby trees. Unfortunately, urban areas and suburban communities lack these nutrients in the soil because of issues with tree equity, as construction reduces the number of trees in developed zones, stripping the soil of its organic essentials. Folsom, CA, may have dense forest areas, but if you live in one of the more suburban or urban sectors with fewer trees, you will likely need to use fertilizer for the best outcomes. 

What Types of Trees Need Fertilizer?

So, do trees need fertilizer in Folsom, CA? Oftentimes, yes, but not all trees. Here are the most common types of trees that may need fertilizer:

  • Fruiting trees: When fruiting trees begin to flower, extra fertilizer can help them yield better results.
  • Young trees: Newly planted, young trees often need fertilizer to support strong, healthy growth, particularly before winter.
  • Damaged trees: If your trees suffer damage from disease, insects, storms, ice, or other causes, fertilizer can provide the nutrients they need to recover. 
  • Recently pruned trees: After pruning trees, the plant must endure a sealing process that requires a lot of energy. Fertilizer provides nutrients to make this easier on the plant.

Checking Whether Your Trees Need Fertilizer

If you’re unsure whether your trees need fertilizer, here are a few signs of nutrient deficiency:

  • Yellowing or browning leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Dead branches
  • A thinning canopy
  • Dark leaf veins
  • Short annual twig growth

You may also conduct a soil test to check the nutrients in your soil.

When and How To Fertilize Your Trees

The best time to fertilize your trees is usually in the early fall or spring, depending on the tree’s requirements. Fertilizing in the fall can help the tree recover any nutrients lost from the summer, while spring fertilization supports growth for the upcoming season. You may also use a slow-releasing formula so you don’t have to worry about timing. 

When you’re ready to fertilize, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose fertilizers with the correct key nutrients for your trees, such as phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen fertilizers
  2. Aerate the soil before placing the fertilizer
  3. Place the fertilizer carefully around the roots to minimize runoff

Need Help Caring for Your Trees? 

So, do trees need fertilizer? In many cases, yes, but understanding their exact needs can be challenging. If you need help, call Mountain Enterprises Inc. today at (888) 501-TREE for professional tree care services.

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