Do you need a tree removal permit before cutting down a tree? The answer is more complicated than you think. In this article, Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc., Folsom’s tree service, explains the topic in greater detail. 

General Areas Where You Don’t Need a Tree Removal Permit

Folsom tree permits are in place to protect our natural fauna and flora. Whether you can remove your tree or not depends on the protection ordinance. In most cases, it’s safer to check.

However, when the tree’s a hazard, you can usually act immediately. In such a case, it’s best to get the opinion of a certified arborist. That way, if there’s any pushback from the city, you can back up your claim.

When You Might Need a Tree Permit

There are many factors at play here. 

Trees on Public Property

The first step depends on whether the tree is on public or private property. In the case of a county or public tree, don’t prune or remove anything without the requisite permission. If you do so, you could be liable for a fine and have to pay to replace the tree. 

Street trees fall under this category, and the city usually manages their upkeep. If you have a complaint, contact the city and request a tree removal. 

Trees on Private Property

You’re entitled to prune the trees on your property, but you may need a tree removal permit if they’re:

  • Landscaping trees: This is where they form an invaluable part of the landscape. You’ll normally find this applies to commercial properties and residential developments. 
  • Native oaks: California is trying to encourage people to stick to native species. Therefore, you need to complete a permit application if you’re felling an oak tree, like a coast oak.
  • Landmark trees: These are trees with a specific environmental or historic value. You’ll need permission from the county for tree removal in these cases. A county tree may fall under this category. 
  • Heritage trees: These are plants with significant community benefits. They might include those with sentimental value for the community or trees of a specific species or size. 

Get a Definitive Answer Before Doing Anything

You should always check before removing a tree. Usually, you’re safe removing a sapling that’s barely established itself. However, you should contact the council to err on the side of caution.

If you don’t want the hassle, you can speak to a local arborist for the right advice. They can not only advise you but also ensure that the removal goes off without a hitch. 

Contact Our Team Today!

There are many instances in which you need a tree removal permit. This applies whether you’re a private homeowner or in the forestry services. It always pays to check if you need permission first because non-compliance can lead to significant fines. 

For more clarity on this issue, contact Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc., at 530-626-4127. We’ll explain your options and assist you with the red tape that goes along with filing. We can also motivate the reason for removal where applicable. 

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